Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who? Sparkle Fangs?

About two weeks ago Wyatt was eating and said, "Ouch!" and then he started crying.  He said, "Mommy, my tooth hurts."  Of course I thought he must have a loose tooth.  He came over and I checked the small front bottom teeth, and one was starting to become loose.  So, I thought I should check Nolan's teeth also.  Well, sure enough he had the same exact tooth loose, but it was much more loose than Wyatt's tooth and he didn't complain about it. 

Yesterday, while waiting in the car line at the boys school, Ms. Penny, Nolan's teacher walked him to the car.  Nolan was holding a wet napkin on his bottom lip, while carrying a ziplock bag.  Ms. Penny informed me that Nolan had lost his tooth.  I immediately said, "Yay, Nolan, Mommy is so exited for you!"  He was all pumpkin smiles and that made me laugh even more. 

He fell asleep on the way home from school

Inside the house and awake

The tooth in the ziplock bag

The pumpkin smile

Another close up

THE tooth

I asked Nolan, "How did you end up loosing your tooth?"  Nolan, "I was chewing on my pants string, and the string just pulled it out, and the tooth fell into my hand."  He said his teacher Ms. Heather helped him put his tooth into a bag and gave him a wet napkin to help comfort him.  Ms. Sandra (one of the teachers at school) later told me that Nolan had initially a look of shock and surprise, but immediately turned to pride when it happened. 

The infamous string he was chewing on when the tooth came out

When we arrived home we called Blake and Nolan told him of the news. Blake was super excited for him as well. 

When Wyatt found out Nolan's tooth finally came out, he immediately found his string on his pants and started chewing on it in hopes of his loose tooth making an exit!

Wyatt working on his loose tooth with THE string

Enter the intense Tooth Fairy planning.

Several months ago, I went to the bank and exchanged a twenty dollar bill for some gold one dollar coins.  I thought it would be cool to get a flashy coin, instead of paper money from the tooth fairy.  So, I was armed with my coins and patiently waiting for the day one of the boys would loose a tooth.

Nolan's been sleeping in his top bunk bed and I didn't know how I was going to retrieve the tooth from under his pillow without waking him.  So, I looked up some different tooth fairy ideas on the internet and combined my own ideas with some of the others that I liked.  I told Nolan that we will fill a small glass with water, put his tooth inside, and place the glass on his dresser by the window.  (All tooth fairies come into the house through the window).  The tooth fairy will come, take the tooth, and turn the water to a color of the tooth fairies choice. 

We were now ready for the tooth fairy to come over night.  Nolan, however wanted to sleep with me last night and Blake had a late hockey tournament, so I said yes.  My mom is visiting from Texas and Wyatt wanted to sleep with her, and she certainly enjoyed the fact that he wanted to sleep with his Mawmaw.  She was tickled pink.

Wyatt, wasn't exactly excited that he didn't have a tooth for the tooth fairy, so we had to explain that he would have a special time with the tooth fairy all by himself. 

The next morning Wyatt woke us all at 5:57am, "Nolan, the tooth fairy has been in your room, come quick!"  Everyone got up to share in Wyatt's excitement, EXCEPT Nolan.  He said, "I sleeping Wyatt."  And he went back to sleep.  Wyatt was mesmerized by the water, it had been turned blue, the tooth was missing, a gold coin and letter had been left, and a trail of fairy dust was left behind on the dresser, on the inside and outside of Nolan's window.  Finally, Nolan gets up at 8:40, Wyatt tells Nolan, "You have fairy dust on your pillow, blanket, and on your face!"  Nolan, "What!?"  They started laughing.  Nolan runs to his room, sees the glass empty and the water turned blue.   He also sees his gold coin and the letter that the tooth fairy left for him to read.  But, the biggest hit was the trail of fairy dust on the dresser leading to the window.  When he noticed that the trail was outside of the window, he said, "Wow! There's fairy dust outside too!"

Fairy dust on Nolan

Gold coin and letter from the fairy, and the water turned blue

Fairy dust on the dresser

Fairy dust inside the window

Fairy dust outside the windwo

Wyatt pointing out the trail of fairy dust

Checking that the tooth is gone

Nolan opening his letter from the tooth fairy

The letter

Next, Nolan opened his letter from the tooth fairy, and here's what the letter said:

May 18, 2012

Dear Nolan,

Congratulations!  You've finally lost your very 1st tooth!  What a relief.  Losing teeth is a sign that you are growing up.  This is a very magical tooth, and I'm glad to keep it.  Teeth have 3 things that make a tooth very magical, and this tooth has Age, Health, and Goodness.

Age - the older the tooth the better, because it has a longer time to soak in all of the good magic that you create.  This tooth is 5 years old.

Health - a good, strong, white, pearly tooth always gives more magic than one that's sick.

Goodness - a tooth from the mouth of a good child has much more powerful magic in it than from a naughty kid.  Your tooth is super duper strong and has lots of magic.

Please keep being a good boy and taking really good care of your teeth, so they'll stay healthy and not sick.

I left a special coin just for you.  It's a gold one dollar coin.  Enjoy!

Your Tooth Fairy,

Sparkle Fangs

Fairy Dust Color is: Unicorn  (multi-colored glitter and purple glitter eye make-up)
Favorite Color is: Blue  (food coloring)

The letter was a big hit with the boys especially finding out the name of Nolan's tooth fairy. 

We are excited for the next tooth to be lost.  We are looking forward to knowing the name of the next fairy, what kind of dust he or she will have, and what his or her favorite color to turn the water will be!

(Disclaimer:  I did not sprinkle the glitter until early the next morning.  When Wyatt came into the room, I sent him to find Blake and that's when I sprinkled the glitter on his pillow.  I also used loose eye shadow glitter, to be careful of him rubbing his eyes.  I did use regular glitter on his dresser and window.)

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