Sunday, April 5, 2015

Live it Good!

I'm getting older (yeh, I said that, ha-ha) and some parts of my life I wish I could go back and do all over again.  I'm not perfect, the perfect person doesn't exist.  I recently watched a movie "About Time"  a man traveling through time, if something happened and he didn't particularly like the outcome he could travel back, make a couple of changes, or walk down memory lane with a particular person and make it EXACTLY the way that he wanted. 

Perfect, right? 

Wouldn't life be so easy and grand if we could travel back in time, fix the problems that we created, make a situation better, or love someone harder than before?   Wishful thinking, however, we can't re-do our lives, but we can start now, "start living as if we've deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it, as if it was the full final day of our extraordinary, ordinary lives."

I need to remember:


-laugh at myself and my mistakes
-find the silver lining in a dark cloud
-love unconditionally
-always say something nice
-say what I mean
-live free and live happy
-live life and live it good


-let laughter fill my ears as often as possible
-make a change, be the good
-love even harder
-act crazy just to get a laugh or smile out of my boys
-be kind, kindness DOES matter, even when you have to put someone in their place
-live a full life, make moments memorable
-let "J.C."  my prince of peace have my worries..... Jesus Christ.

My thoughts for the can I be better, how to make my moments with my family, friends, and my life really count?  Am I really being the best that I can be, not perfect, but giving my all as a mother, a wife, and a friend?  Even then, my own personal best is all that I can be....not someone else's personal best, but just my own. 

"We are all traveling through time together, every day of our lives.  All we can do is our best and relish this remarkable ride."

(Disclaimer:  If you watch this movie, "About Time" there are several curse words, one sexual scene although it is not acted out - but implied, however, the message at the end is great.