Friday, September 14, 2012

Figgy Funtower

Well, it's a good morning here in the Anderson household.  Wyatt woke up to evidence that the tooth fairy had been here last night.  He couldn't have been more excited.  This excitement started last night, pretty late and way past his bedtime. 

Blake and I had bible study last night, so Blake took the boys to his Dad's house.  When Wyatt came home, he was so sleepy and ready for bed.  I put him in his bed, he slept in his top bunk and wanted me to sleep in his bottom bunk, so I did.  I wasn't in the bed more than 5 minutes when I saw a little head pop over the edge of the top bunk looking at me upside down.  In a worried and pitiful little voice Wyatt says, "Mommy, my loose tooth is pushing back even further, and I'm afraid I'm going to swallow it and not have ANOTHER tooth for the tooth fairy."    So I said, "Let's get up and check it out."  So he climbed down we went into the kitchen and I sat him on top of the island.  I looked at his loose tooth, and sure enough it was barely hanging on by a thread, so I went to the bathroom and got a cotton ball.  I told him the cotton ball will comfort his tooth, and it will feel better (I didn't lie, I knew it would feel better once it was out!).  I  only had ONE chance to be quick, yank, and remove the tooth.  One swipe and it was gone, he didn't know what hit him!   

When I showed him the tooth in the cotton, the biggest smile ran across his face.  Wyatt, "Mommy, I finally have a real tooth to give the tooth fairy!"  Me, "Yes, Wyatt!  You do, I'm so happy for you!" 

We placed the tooth in a glass of water, put it on his dresser, and went to bed.

The first tooth Wyatt didn't swallow
THE tooth
 Five minutes later I see a little head pop over the edge of the top bunk looking at me upside down.  Wyatt, "Mommy?"  Me, "Yes, Wyatt?"  Wyatt, "Thank you for making my tooth feel better, and I can't wait to see what the tooth fairy's favorite color is."  Me, "You're welcome, I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping tonight because I'm so excited that the tooth fairy is coming.  Love you."  

I told Blake to wake me up early this morning so I would have time to put the gold coin on his dresser, sprinkle the glitter, and write the tooth fairy letter, since it was so late last night.  Being the tooth fairy can be hard work.  But, it's worth every minute of it when I see the excitement on my two little boys faces and the smiles that this adventure brings.

I woke Wyatt and Nolan up for school this morning.  I asked Nolan, "Do you know that Wyatt lost a tooth last night?"  Nolan, "No Mommy, did the tooth fairy come?"  Me, "Yes, he did, go see what he left."  Nolan runs to Wyatt's dresser to see what color the water is, what color the fairy dust is, and where the fairy dust trail is located on the window sill.    (Our tooth fairy's leave a letter so we will know their name, what their favorite color is - the water is turned to the tooth fairy's favorite color once the tooth is removed by the fairy.) 

Nolan, "Wyatt, come see you fairy dust!!"  Wyatt climbs down his bunk bed ladder, and hops over to his dresser.  Wyatt, "Wow, Mommy, my water turned to purple, his favorite color is purple! And look he left a purple trail on the window!"

Tooth removed, water turned purple, letter and gold one dollar coin left behind
Opening his letter
Fairy dust trail on the window sill
I read Wyatt's tooth fairy letter to him.  His tooth fairy "Figgy Funtower" even made a point to tell him, he was so glad that Wyatt didn't swallow his tooth this time! 
Figgy Funtower, Wyatt's asigned tooth fairy this time
My little man with his pumpkin smile

We dressed for school, ate breakfast, and were running a little behind this morning due to all of the tooth fairy excitement.  But, I had one more trick up my sleeve to get more smiles.  The boys went to the truck outside with Blake, he was loading the boys when I said "Look on the handle of the truck."  I had sprinkled purple glitter on the door handle of the truck.

Truck door handle

The boys immediately started laughing and smiling.  One of them said, "That crazy Figgy, he's trying to go to school with us!"  It made me laugh.  Me, "Who knows maybe he's in here somewhere with you."  The boys started looking around the truck, Blake smiling, and the boys giggling.  That's how my morning has started out....WONDERFUL and full of HAPPINESS.