Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thinking about more

Our whole family has enjoyed our garden so much this year, I'm actually thinking of planting a fall garden.  Some veggies do not fair well in the hot weather and will not produce, such as my broccoli. I've already decided what I will and won't plant in next years garden.  If I plant cucumbers, I'll plant them at the end of the garden box, they definitely take over and shade other seeds around them, hindering them. 

The cucumbers are climbing right out of the box

I'll try green and bulb onion again, they didn't grow at all this year.  I was hoping to have some onions.  I won't do broccoli in the summer, I haven't had any florets bloom due to the extreme heat.  But, I can cook the broccoli leaves, which I am planning to do tonight and free up my garden.  They also seem to attract the most insects.  The insect is pretty and colorful, but eats the broccoli leaves like crazy!

Broccoli leaves

 I'm growing an organic garden without pesticides.  So the produce will not be the 'perfect' store bought produce, but it still tastes good and it's FREE.

More blooms on the Contender bush green beans, I love to see new blooms, MORE green beans coming!

 I'll add many more carrots, an assortment of peppers (hot and mild), green beans (bush - not climbers), and Bibb lettuce.  Who knew?  When you harvest the Bibb lettuce by cutting it at the base, it grows AGAIN!  What a sweet surprise.  I have more lettuce.

The second round of lettuce growing like crazy

Our very first tomato turning red

More tomatoes on their way

I'm also planning to buy some giant flower pots, place them by the front door and plant several different kinds of herbs in them, mint, basil, lavender, etc. I think not only will they be nice to see and use, but smell good as well.   Stay tuned.....I never know what I'll get myself in to!

Here's an updated pic of our garden:

"Nolan-ism" of the day.  While eating a pickle (he LOVES pickles), he popped a single seed out and handed it to me, "Mommy, save this seed I want to grow a pickle tree!"

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  1. I'm hoping to do a garden next year... last year we had tomatoes and peppers but this year we just didnt get it together.. Loved reading yours and picking up some tips :) Tammi