Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cosmo Splash

Finally!  Wyatt lost his very first tooth, his tooth had been loose for a long time.  I had checked it early that day, and knew it would be gone in the next day or so.  Blake brought the boys to the movies to see "Brave", in which they absolutely loved and Blake did as well.  They brought the left over popcorn from their movie, and Wyatt began eating it again while watching TV.  

I was in another room and Wyatt came running in saying, "Mommy, I lost my tooth!"   He was smiling from ear to ear. 

Mr. Excited "I lost a tooth!"

I asked him, "Where is your tooth?"  Wyatt, "I don't know."  I was so happy for him, we were cheering and jumping up and down, and finally we went to the chair he was sitting in.  Blake took the remaining popcorn, went through the bucket checking for the tooth. 

The famous popcorn bucket

 I started looking through the creases in the chair, under the chair, and I just couldn't find it.  Me,  "How did you notice your tooth was missing?"  Wyatt, "I was just eating popcorn and popcorn seeds and noticed the hole was there and my tooth was gone."  Me, "Do you think you swallowed it?"  ----------> ENTER THE LOOK OF PANIC.  Wyatt, "You, mean I can swallow it?"  Me, "Yes, it can happen."  ----------> ENTER THE CRYING.  I tried to comfort him, he was so upset.  Me, "Wyatt, it's okay, little boys and girls swallow their teeth all of the time, it just happens sometimes.  Mommy and Daddy both swallowed teeth when we were little."  (Knowing good and well, I don't know whether I really had or not.)  Eventually Wyatt starts to settle down.  Wyatt, "Mommy, I thought I was chewing a popcorn seed and I really think I did swallow it."   He and I decided we were going to draw a picture for the tooth fairy, put a piece of rice in the glass of water for her to take instead.  We decided the piece of rice would get nice and soft, and the fairy could take it with him or her as a snack. 

Wyatt posing with his "false tooth" (the rice, he HAD to pose with something)

So that's what we did, Wyatt drew a very detailed picture of himself in bed with his tooth and the tooth fairy was sprinkling dust on him from above.  We placed a glass of water with the piece of rice inside for the fairy. 

"The rice"  (in the bottom of the glass)

We read a book together before bedtime, Wyatt got into bed and went to sleep.  Early today Wyatt woke up around 7 am running through the house (I was already up), "The tooth fairy came, the TOOTH FAIRY CAME EVERYBODY!  Mommy, come see!  Hurry!"  So I ran into his room, he had the sweetest and most proud smile on his face.  Wyatt, "Look at my glass of water, it's orange, my favorite color!" 

The tooth fairy had taken the rice out of the glass, turned the water orange, left a letter, some green fairy dust on his dresser, window sill, and his bed.

Still half asleep but excited about his gold coin

Wyatt's tooth fairy letter read:

June 30, 2012

Dear Wyatt,

I was looking for your tooth in the glass of water and noticed a piece of rice instead.  I immediately knew that you swallowed your tooth.  Children leave my favorite snack,  a piece of rice in a glass of water (the water softens the rice so I can chew it) when his or her tooth is accidentally swallowed.  I'm sorry this happened to you, and imagine it was a big surprise for you as well.  But, don't worry accidents happen and I'm leaving you a special coin just the same. 

Well, Congratulations!  You lost your VERY FIRST tooth!  What a relief!  Loosing a tooth is a sign that you are growing up.

Please keep being a good boy and taking really good care of your teeth, so they'll stay healthy and not sick.

I left a special coin just for you.  It's a gold one dollar coin.  Enjoy!

Your assigned tooth fairy,

Cosmo Splash

Fairy Dust Color is: Graze (green)
Favorite Color is: Orange

Fairy dust on the window sill

Dust on his stuffed animal in his bed

Checking out the dust on his stuffed animal

Wyatt was completely happy with his Tooth Fairy adventure after all.    He was however a little worried that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come if he didn't have a tooth to give.  We now have the next best pumpkin smile gracing our home.  A new milestone has been reached in the Anderson home, our little babies are little boys growing up; and way too quickly for me!

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