Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome Delicious!

From the mouth of neighbors little boy described my homemade cupcakes when he took a bite......"Ummmmm, DELICIOUS!"  So glad he enjoyed them, I plan on making another batch tonight, I need to finish using my strawberries.  I made strawberry cupcakes from scratch (no box mixes here!) with coconut icing and I must say that they were pretty good.  Better than any cupcake I've ever had, but of course I LOVE strawberry ANYTHING!  So, I made them, and shared them with others.  Below are some pics I snapped during the process!

The remaining strawberries I'm trying to use.

The batter with fresh chopped strawberries mixed in

In the muffin tin

Out of the oven.  The kitchen smelled nice!

Add the coconut icing and sprinkles

My strawberry coconut dream, maybe that's what I should name them!

Now, time for round two.  Yay!

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