Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Swimming in Turtlebay

Today is THE day.  Our very first day to get into our small backyard pool and get fully wet.  The "water gun only" days are gone, and pool fun filled days are ahead.  Today's temperature was 91 degrees.  A perfect day to get wet and enjoy ourselves. 

After dropping the boys off at school, my mom and I were on a mission to get the pool aired up.  We didn't have an automatic air pump, so we had to use a bicycle pump.  Yes, it was grueling, but good exercise for the one pumping the air into the pool.  BUT, for the person holding the air pump tube to the plug in the pool, in this case would be my mom; she said her finger tips were getting heated from the quick force of air that was going into the plug.  My mom was the first person to hold the plug, and I didn't believe her, that the plug was hot.  So, as any determined person would be, I kept going, I was going to finish airing this pool.    Finally, my mom in a stern voice says, "Donnie, THIS plug is getting hot!"  Me, "How can an air plug get hot, just from some air being blown into a kiddie pool?"  So, I still kept going, finally my mom says, "Ouch!!", and she said "You get over here and do this part, if you want this pool aired up!"  So the sweet daughter that I am, switched places with her.  And, yes, I'm saying it Mother, "You were right."  (I'll never say this again if I can possibly help it.)  The pool plug was hot.  So now, I'm holding the plug, she does 3 pumps on the bicycle pump, and says, "I'm tired, I need a smoke break."    She then pulls out a cigarette, lights it up, but can barely hold it due to her fingers being blistered.  (At least she says they are, sometimes she can be a slight bit dramatic.)  I laughed hysterically, I could not help myself.   Every time my moms comes to visit, we always have some sort story to share.  A story that evolves around the two of us.   However, we did finish getting the pool aired up after several complaints from my mom ranging from, "my fingers are sore", "my shoulder is almost out of joint",  "I can't stoop over, it makes my allergies run", etc.   Just a funny experience. 

So, we filled the pool with water to let the sun warm it, hoping it would be ready for playtime when the boys arrived from school.    And it WAS!  Enjoy the photos below of the boys having a grand time in their "Turtlebay Pool".  They pretended they were rescue doctors, exploring the depths of the ocean, tending to the ill turtles needs. 

Moving the slide to the pool was a great idea

Enjoying a popcicle together

Fighting off "Killer Wasps" together

Working together still

Now spraying each other

Nolan was excited that Wyatt taught him how to use his goggles.  Nolan, went under the water with his goggles for the very first time.  This is a huge accomplishment.

"I did it Mommy!  I went under the water!"

Wyatt the fish

Brotherly LOVE

A BIG splash to end the day, in a great way

MORE to come!

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