Friday, May 11, 2012

Surrender MawMaw

Wyatt asked MawMaw to go outside and play with him, of course she said "sure."  She didn't have a clue what was coming her way.  Most of the time, this means come outside and sit while you watch me play.  This time, she was actually told to walk out into the grass and play.  They walked out into what Wyatt called the wilderness (the backyard with grass/weeds that desperately needed to be cut).  So MawMaw the unsuspecting victim did as she was told.  Wyatt handed her a Nerf gun and said "We are gonna draw and shoot each other."    I also reminded MawMaw the most important phrase during the gun fight, "Knees and toes only!"  I told her to remind him of this rule or know how to turn around and run quickly.  So, they pumped their guns and started shooting each other, Wyatt didn't load MawMaw's gun with bullets, just his.  So, she caught on immediately and ended the shooting match, yelling,  Wyatt "No fair!  No fair!  You didn't load my gun!  Knees and toes only!  Knees and toes only!"  Wyatt....LAUGHING the WHOLE time.     Here are some of the pics from their gunfight.  (Wyatt, did however, shoot only below the waist, I was proud of him.)

Walking out for the gun fight

Wyatt, laughing at MawMaw


Finally, she takes aim


Wyatt, "My job here is done."

These kids make me laugh.  I'm going to miss this age.

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