Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little color

I absolutely love afternoons like today.  Beautiful, sunny, and a slightly windy day.  (Although it did turn cloudy and cooler to the point of being uncomfortable later on.)  We decided to paint our garden box with some left over paint from the boys rooms.  Wyatt and Nolan painted parts of the garden box, and we invited our friends (neighbors) over to paint the rest.  I didn't get a pic of A & E painting the box, but they did a great job too!  Their boys A & E helped plants seeds also, so they've been watching the garden grow as well.  We've enjoyed having them be a part of our garden process too!  We managed to paint a part of the garden box, and have each one of the boys stamp his hand print on the box too.  What a great memory we've made together!   

Between four little boys, the painting was a hit, they seemed interested all of about 10 minutes and ran off playing together.  They seemed to enjoy  playing together a tad bit better than painting.  They ran their little legs off. 

Having a "meeting"

Getting tired (Nolan)

Running their legs off

After the weather turned chilly, we moved inside so A & E could meet the new family pet, Gill (our fish).  Our friends dinner plans fell through, so we decided to go out to eat together, we ended up at Wishbones.   Needless to say before our dinner was finished, we had some tired little boys. 

Days like these are hard to come by, so I'm glad we have two more little boys that live next door to help tire our boys out.  All four of them played well together, and will all sleep well tonight.   There is nothing better than spending time outside, playing together, enjoying the simple things in life, and taking it moment by moment.  No schedules to go by, and good old fashioned fun, playing and visiting with friends!

I'll post a pic of the finished garden box tomorrow, I didn't get to take a pic of it.  I plan to finish painting the areas the boys didn't get to tomorrow.  So more pics coming soon!

(Thanks Michele, for taking the photos, they are great!)

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