Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I see more green!

Nolan was so excited this morning to see his garden, but we still had the tarp on it.  (The weather guy suspected that we could have a frost earlier this week, so we covered the garden to protect it.) So, he didn't get to see it this morning before leaving for school, BUT he will certainly be surprised when he gets home.  When I removed the tarp to water the garden, I was surprised as well.  More seeds are sprouting, and quickly too!  We now have broccoli, cucumber, green beans, carrots, lettuce, and large tomatoes!

Here are some pics of our new growth!

Can you see green?  It's really starting to take off!



Pic #1 of green beans

Pic #2 of green beans, this little guy is really taking off!

Bibb lettuce

Large tomatoes

Look closely, carrots

I can't wait to pick the boys up from school to see their news sprouts in their garden!

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