Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I see more green!

Nolan was so excited this morning to see his garden, but we still had the tarp on it.  (The weather guy suspected that we could have a frost earlier this week, so we covered the garden to protect it.) So, he didn't get to see it this morning before leaving for school, BUT he will certainly be surprised when he gets home.  When I removed the tarp to water the garden, I was surprised as well.  More seeds are sprouting, and quickly too!  We now have broccoli, cucumber, green beans, carrots, lettuce, and large tomatoes!

Here are some pics of our new growth!

Can you see green?  It's really starting to take off!



Pic #1 of green beans

Pic #2 of green beans, this little guy is really taking off!

Bibb lettuce

Large tomatoes

Look closely, carrots

I can't wait to pick the boys up from school to see their news sprouts in their garden!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little color

I absolutely love afternoons like today.  Beautiful, sunny, and a slightly windy day.  (Although it did turn cloudy and cooler to the point of being uncomfortable later on.)  We decided to paint our garden box with some left over paint from the boys rooms.  Wyatt and Nolan painted parts of the garden box, and we invited our friends (neighbors) over to paint the rest.  I didn't get a pic of A & E painting the box, but they did a great job too!  Their boys A & E helped plants seeds also, so they've been watching the garden grow as well.  We've enjoyed having them be a part of our garden process too!  We managed to paint a part of the garden box, and have each one of the boys stamp his hand print on the box too.  What a great memory we've made together!   

Between four little boys, the painting was a hit, they seemed interested all of about 10 minutes and ran off playing together.  They seemed to enjoy  playing together a tad bit better than painting.  They ran their little legs off. 

Having a "meeting"

Getting tired (Nolan)

Running their legs off

After the weather turned chilly, we moved inside so A & E could meet the new family pet, Gill (our fish).  Our friends dinner plans fell through, so we decided to go out to eat together, we ended up at Wishbones.   Needless to say before our dinner was finished, we had some tired little boys. 

Days like these are hard to come by, so I'm glad we have two more little boys that live next door to help tire our boys out.  All four of them played well together, and will all sleep well tonight.   There is nothing better than spending time outside, playing together, enjoying the simple things in life, and taking it moment by moment.  No schedules to go by, and good old fashioned fun, playing and visiting with friends!

I'll post a pic of the finished garden box tomorrow, I didn't get to take a pic of it.  I plan to finish painting the areas the boys didn't get to tomorrow.  So more pics coming soon!

(Thanks Michele, for taking the photos, they are great!)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

They're Alive!

We can't believe that we planted some seeds in a wooden box with a mixture of soil, and actually have something starting to grow.  We have growth in the garden!  We have small buds of broccoli, cucumber, and bibb lettuce!  The boys are thrilled.  So you are seeing it here first folks, the debut of the garden sprouts.

Yes, look CLOSELY and you'll see them.

The challenge now will be to keep our garden healthy, organically free of pests, and keeping it weed free.  I know it will be tough, but the end result will be amazing and fulfilling.  We plan on canning this year too.   So, we have lots of excitement coming our way.  The look on the boys faces was priceless.  The first thing Nolan asked about this morning was the garden.  "Is our garden growing today?"  So we went outside and noticed the growth,  they began  jumping up and down with their fists in the air, cheering!  "Yay, we have food!  Yay, we have food!" (Who knows what our neighbors thought....."Bless their hearts they finally are eating.") ------------->  ENTER my hysterical laughter. 

Stay tuned.......more to come.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Little Squirts!

We are so glad that Summer is finally right around the corner!  It's our favorite season of the year, no matter the heat, we make the best of it.  The boys have been asking all Winter long:  Can we swim?  (When it's 22 degrees outside), Can we get the pool out and fill it up with water just in case it gets hot?  (When it's 22 degrees outside)  Can we eat A LOT of popsicles?  (When it's 22 degrees outside). Trust me, no one is happier than I am about feeling the warmth on my skin from that wonderful glowing ball in the sky! 

Today,  I decided when I picked the boys up from school, we were going to eat A LOT of popsicles outside when we arrived  home, and we DID!   It's not quite warm enough to fill the small little pool that we keep at home with water just yet.   (I bought a new one this year, it's soft with turtle graphics all over it.  It was originally $29, but when I had it price checked, it was $15.  What a great find.)  We have a neighborhood pool down the street, but sometimes it's nice to sit in our driveway, and enjoy the luxuries of home and NOT pack a million things going to the "big pool." 

So, after eating popsicles, we watered the garden together and I then decided to let them get wet, but not soaking wet.  So we came up with the idea of shooting balls off of their small slide set with their water guns.  That was a huge hit.  They had the best time, and of course it progressed to shooting each other.  As they were playing with their water guns shooting the balls and each other, I was sweeping the back porch and cleaning the patio.  Every year I dread this task due to my allergies, they are terrible this time of year.  The entire patio is normally covered in old grass, yellow pollen, spider webs, etc.  So I usually wear a mask, but didn't have one so, I used a bandanna.  I'm sure I was a sight to see wearing sunglasses and a bandanna!  Glad no one else was here, but the boys.  However, they noticed what I was wearing, and thought I was the coolest Mom ever!  Wyatt says, "Mommy, you make the BEST BAD GUY!"  Can I have a mask too?  Well, sure!  I went inside, brought out two more bandannas, and they were off to the unknown as bad guys.  I love a child's imagination, it's absolutely wonderful.  We spent a good amount of time outside today around 2 hours.  I really enjoyed myself, the boys had a blast, and I can't wait to see what tomorrow has to offer, I'm looking forward to it! 

Here are some pictures that I snapped:

Loading up the water guns

Targets lined up

First firing shot

First time to hit his target!

The bad guys with their guns

Hmmmm, what to do?  Anything with water, noise, or dirt is a sure hit.  Our options are endless.  :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let's watch it grow!

Well, it's official we have planted our seeds (with the exception of two more little helpers to finish two more rows) in our garden box.  It's a 4x12 square foot garden box with fresh soil and manure.  I've always wanted to have a garden of my own, and one to share with the boys as well.  I know the boys will enjoy the process (the easy stuff) from the beginning to the end.  My grandpa had one in his yard from time to time, our church had one last year (Children's Garden that the boys helped with), and my Dad has one every year.   There's really nothing like fresh vegetables, I know it's a lot of hard work, but I'm okay with that.  I know what the benefits are going to be in the end.  The boys have enjoyed helping Blake so far too.  We planted, banana peppers, yellow onions, carrots, bibb lettuce, contender green beans, cucumbers, large and cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and green onions.  I know it sounds like a lot and it probably is, but we are starting a new adventure and we are looking forward to it. 

Here are a couple of photos:

The boys helping Blake make the box

Wyatt hammering his nail

Nolan helping out

Working hard, and working together

Now that the box is built, Blake went to the nursery down the street and bought the soil.  Here he is unloading it with a special little helper.  He started out in the back and left Blake, but later returned to show Blake his muscles.
Wyatt leaves Blake to fend for himself

Wyatt flexing his muscles

Blake dumping the soil into the box, and the boys feeling the dirt in between their toes.

Really spreading the dirt.  They tore the liner under the dirt at least 3 times, but that's okay, we'll have weeds.  They enjoyed this part, so that's what counts.


More planting

Everything's labeled with popsicle sticks

Wyatt, watering

Wyatt watering with Blake

Sneaking a little drink from the water hose!

Funniest comment of the day....As Wyatt is sitting down on the grass after planting his seeds, "Okay, Mommy, now that all those seeds are in there, let's sit down and watch them grow!" 

MORE pics to come soon!