Saturday, November 5, 2011

"Am I a REAL hockey player now?"

Well, it's finally here....the boys are in the beginning stages of being made into future hockey players, like their Daddy.  The anticipation, excitement, hard work and late evenings are upon us.  Blake's been saying since last year that he'd love to get the boys on the ice. 

The very first time they placed their feet on an ice rink was at age two.  We were on vacation with our good friends the Caputos in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We took all of our boys to the ice rink, and one at a time with their skates and helmets on they took the ice.  Blake skated around the  rink with each child.  He'd place their feet on the ice, bend down, and push them along.  It was very exiting, however, Blake's back was singing a different tune!

Blake's skates, and the boys very first pair at age two that they wore in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

The second time that they placed their feet on the ice was this past Wednesday.  I was very apprehensive, because Wyatt is still under a doctors care, due to the fact that he had broken his left arm about two months ago.  He is supposed to be released this coming week.  I felt okay with Wyatt out there with Blake who was giving him instruction and one on one time.  He was covered from head to toe with every pad you could imagine.   (Matter of fact I just had an idea, I should have him covered from head to toe at all time anyway with him being as accident prone as he is.)  If Blake hadn't been on the ice with Wyatt, he wouldn't have been out there due to his healing injury.

The boys walking into the ice rink with Blake

Walking to the locker room to suit up

Nolan getting ready, it's a pretty long process to go through

Blake lacing up

Walking out onto the ice for their first hockey practice

Blake and Kevin skating the boys out

Standing up on the ice

Kevin leading a small group of 'first timers', Nolan #10, Wyatt #4

More instruction, learning to stand up

Daddy helping us stand up with his hockey stick

When the boys would do what Blake wanted them to do, they earned a ride on the end of his hockey stick.  He would skate around the rink with the boys on his stick like a mini train. 

Wyatt making an ice angel, while Blake helps Nolan.

Coming off of the ice after practice

I was so very proud of Wyatt and Nolan.  They were so cute.  Wyatt kept saying, "Am I a real hockey player now Daddy?"  Blake, "Yea, buddy, you are!"  Nolan, "We are a team Daddy!"  Nolan also told me, "Mommy, you can play with you girl team."   He also said, I couldn't play with them.  They were so tiny among all of the adult coaches out on the ice.  What sweet memories I'm making.  They would lay on the ice, and Blake would hold out his hockey stick, and they would pull up on it, trying to stand up.  After they would get stable standing, Blake would gently push them down, and they would start the process all over again.   He would then have them try to walk to the wall.  They worked on this for 45 minutes, I thought at any moment they would become frustrated and want to quit.  But, that never happened.  I'm so proud that they kept trying.  They can't wait until their next hockey practice.  It does take a while to get all of the gear on.  But, that's part of the process, the process of a hockey player in the making!

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