Sunday, October 16, 2011

Go away, Mommy! (Atleast, that's what MY ears heard)

The boys are becoming so independent.  It is starting to make me a little sad.  Yesterday, they wanted to go play outside in the backyard, not with me, but by themselves.  I went outside with them, and sat in a chair, and Wyatt informed me that he'd like me to go back inside; because they want to play outside together, WITHOUT  ME.  What?  This is coming from a cute little boy, who will not walk back to his bedroom in the daytime, because he's afraid of monsters?  When did this independence come about?  Uggghhhhh, I wanted to cry my eyeballs out at that moment.

 {Enter the sadness} 

So I reminded them of the "stranger" talk.  And left Griff, our dog outside with them.  I walked inside and stood next to he window watching them play.  (You didn't really think I would walk away did you?)  So I watched them for awhile, and then got my camera and went back outside.  They didn't seem to mind when I returned the second time.  This time it was different, maybe because I let them have a little space, and let them believe they had a little control at that moment?  Or was it really, "Mommy, watch me play now, watch me throw the ball into the basketball hoop, watch me me, watch me, watch me!"

So I was back in the "outside members only club" once again, the boys were happy, and I was happy.

Nolan attempted to throw the ball into the air as high as he possibly could.  Wyatt, was standing on his small slide watching his brother. 

Of course no play day outside is complete without some sort of wrestling.  They were pretending to rest on the patio furniture, but quickly turned into a wrestling match. 

Next, was racing to the back fence and back, who would be faster?  Nolan, of course.  He was serious about winning, but Wyatt laughed the whole time, and ran at a slight jogging pace, until the very end when Nolan tried to cut him off.  Wyatt, started saying..."Nooooo!"

Wyatt, on his mark.

Nolan, on his mark. And together they are ready!

Wyatt, decides to try to stop him!

The winner!
A beautiful day in the sunshine, precious time with the boys, making memories...that's what life is all about.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Falling in LOVE with Fall

Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year!  I 'fall' in love with it every time all over again every year it rolls around.  I guess partly due to the weather change, leaves are turning colors, and the holidays are approaching fast.  What a wonderful time of year.  Not only is the season changing, but so are our lives.  There are some big changes in store for the Andersons'.  As of the first of the year, maybe even as early as December I'll officially be a "SAHM" (Stay At Home Mom).  I'm really looking forward to the adventures that are in store for us as a family.  (That however is another BLOG in itself.) 

Just this past weekend we visited Tate Farms and chose some pumpkins for the family, two small ones for the boys to paint and decorate how they wish, and two large ones to carve.  They had such a wonderful time.  We also made some "Spooktacular Houses" for the boys to put in their rooms.  They wanted to decorate their rooms for Halloween. 

Here are some pics of the boys and Blake making their houses, and the finished product.

According to Wyatt, this project had to be done first thing Saturday morning when the boys woke up.  They still had their PJ's on and their hair still looking like a rats nest.

Next, project number two....getting some of the decorations out of the attic.  The boys helped Blake get them out and place them in the perfect place.

In the attic (and yes for the mothers out there, this DID make me nervous, walking into the garage seeing them up there in the attic with Blake.)

The boys and "Cliff".  I don't know how Cliff got his name, but that's what we call him now.  He's been called Cliff for at least 6 years.
(I think Cliff has the best smile out of the three in picture, don't you?  He's just happy to be out of the attic I think.)

"Pat" the bat.

Let me give you a "hand". 

Next up some good old pumpkin painting.

I haven't posted a pic of sweet Griff in a long time, but here he is.  He's hanging out around the breakfast table while the boys were painting their pumpkins.  On September 20th of this year he turned 13 years old.  His age is catching up with him.  Sleeping a lot more, and harder to get up when he been snoozing on the floor.  We are going to enjoy him while we still have him.  He's so patient with the boys and always has been since he was younger.


Here are some photos from Tate Farms, our pumpkin picking adventure.

I'm looking forward to more adventures, I can't hardly wait.