Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Slice of Life in D.C. (Five year-old style)

My day started early today, I had been up off and on since around 3 am, Wyatt fell out of the bed at that time and I couldn't go fully back to sleep.  Blake went to work, the boys slept in.   I did have a nice surprise however during what seemed like a couple of minutes that I did sleep.  Blake prior to leaving, brought me a Starbucks coffee from the clubhouse downstairs, they have a Starbucks coffee machine, FREE!  One of my most favorite things here.  He left it on the nightstand next to the bed, splenda and creamer already mixed in. (I could get spoiled Blake, watch out!)

We skipped breakfast, and had an early lunch.  I promised the boys we'd go to McDonalds. That's what they wanted to do.  So we walked around the corner and had lunch.  Ideally we wanted to swim today, but it was cool, and windy, not hot enough to go, so we went home and spent some time inside.

The boys are into a funny face mode.  Just making silly faces.  Especially Nolan today, "Mommy, watch me make a silly face, watch me dance, look at my sparkly ball."  And the list goes on.  Of course what one does the other follows suit.  So Wyatt caught on and wanted his picture taken also.

This one, "Mommy, watch me dance."
(One of my favorite things that he does)

Blake came home to eat lunch, and we discussed what we were going to do this evening to get the boys outside to burn off some steam.  Blake finally arrived home around 5pm, he and the boys went across the street to "Noodles & Company" and picked up some take out.  I had some sort of chicken fresco, it tasted really fresh,spinach and tomatoes, I liked it alot.


After dinner we packed them up, and took them to the "Gravelly Point Park" (which is where we went to watch fireworks last year) right next door to the Reagan International Airport.  We watched the airplanes take off one after another, the planes are taking off straight in front of you, and lift up shortly before they get to you.  The coolest thing ever.  Last year during the 4th of July, during the firework display the planes were flying in and landing.  It seemed as though they were flying through the fireworks even though I know they weren't.  I'm looking forward to that this year.  I've since learned how to merge photos together.  So this year I'll be able to get the Washington Monument, the Capitol, fireworks, and incoming planes all in one photo.  I'm really looking forward to working with this particular photo.  I'm planning on having it blown up not only for my family, but for Blake's dad in in general.  He wanted so badly last year to have all of the above mentioned components in one photo.  So I'm gonna try my hardest to do a great job for him.  The experience was truly amazing, I'm so looking forward to this year's Independence Day celebration!  At the park we also played catch with the boys, and kicked the soccer balls around; until Wyatt said he had ants in his shoes.  I believe he just had a blister and some sort of gnats were kind of buzzing around him irritating him.   From then on out he didn't want to touch the ground or grass, you would have thought it was some sort of poison.  We would try to put him down, and he would hop around to the nearest parent like a gazelle.

Pic of the Capital from the park

Boys waiting for the airplane to fly up over the small hill

And here it is, flying over

Last shot before it was over my head

Upon driving home, Wyatt wanted to stop to get some yogurt to make popsicles.  He saw a commercial that showed how to make frozen treats.  So we put plastic spoons into yogurt cups according to his specifications and put them into the freezer.  Tomorrow we are looking forward to George Washington's Mt. Vernon Estate.  We are going to spend all day there touring his home, estate, gristmill, and distillery.  They even said on special occasions that his estate sells "George Washington Rye Whiskey" each year.  Don't know how much this stuff is, it would be neat to have the label, we don't drink whiskey anyway. 

Just for fun:

Things the boys said today:  Wyatt said earlier today..."Mommy, white and black cows make white milk, brown cows make chocolate milk, and pink cows make strawberry milk."  We laughed out loud.    Something that Nolan said, "Daddy put down the shade in here, the sun is burning us."    Well we are looking forward to a fun filled day tomorrow, but Good night for now.

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