Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sitting Quietly

Last night when we were getting ready for bed, Blake was brushing the boys teeth and I was sitting on the couch in the apartment, just observing my surroundings.   I was thinking about people I saw today and yesterday evening in general.  I was looking out the windows in the living room, the city is primarily quiet, a big change from what it was earlier today.  I saw cars rushing around, people walking on the sidewalks, and people moving around in their offices or apartments.

One view at night from our living room

Another view
(much more beautiful at night, than in the day)

I started thinking about one particular office that is across from our kitchen, in the PBS building.  There is an older gentleman that had sat there pretty much every time that I walked into the kitchen for various reasons.  Cooking breakfast, lunch, early dinner, snacks, drinks, cleaning.  He seemed to be in the same position every time I walked into the kitchen.  He was pushed away from his desk kind of looking in the air in  a daze with his hands every now and then on top of his head.  I often wondered if he could have been stressed out.  I never saw him writing or typing.  Then I started thinking how stressed out can you be working for the Public Broadcast System?  Maybe "Cat in the Hat" wasn't working out so well for them, and he had to come up with a solution???  Who knows, just kind of funny.  No, I wasn't sitting all day observing this person, he very well could have been working the times I was away from that particular area of our apartment.  Kind of reminds me of "Working Girl", instead this was "Working Guy."  I hope he has a great day today.

I also noticed people here are very health conscious, majority of people either walk to work wearing tennis shoes and a backpack, by bicycle, subway, and of course the usual transportation car or truck.  The majority of women wear skirts and flats or tennis shoes.  Starting around 7:30 the sidewalks come alive and do so for an hour or two.  People listening to music, reading, talking with their walking partners.  Blake's one of the walkers with a backpack, doesn't have a walking partner, but wears a suit.  I don't know how he does it, he walks about 15 minutes for work, in hot summer weather, in 90 degree or higher temperatures.

Trains are constantly coming and going, as are airplanes from the Reagan International Airport, you can see them taking off from our building.  Buses are busy flying down the street, joggers are pounding the pavement, just like their people making their way to work.  The boys own personal favorites, firetrucks, taxi's, ambulances, and police cars.   Oh and lets not forget people walking their four legged friends, carrying a plastic bag around to pick up "hot steamers."  I'm so glad I have a yard for Griff...I can scoop the yard days later and not worry about it.

I also noticed a doggie daycare, people driving up to get their beloved pets for the day.  "A positive play experience."  I guess they need to go somewhere to be energetic, and play with their friends while their owners are at work.  They need room to roam, and they can't necessarily do that in an apartment. 

We also passed condos that were being built starting at $700,000.00, yep let me say that again, you read right.  SEVEN hundred THOUSAND - starting.  I told Blake these people probably make an increase in pay to compensate for the more expensive living here.  Blake said, not necessarily, he knows people who ride a train an hour one way to get to work and back, because they can't afford the living here.  Where does all of this money come from I wonder?  I've seen a Ferrari and a Maserati parked in the parking garage downstairs, of course I don't know what these cars are, but all men I assure you do!  Blake pointed them out to me and said....THOSE are very expensive cars. 
I think it's nice to visit here, but I am a simple country girl, who likes a slow pace of life.  A yard for my children to play in, and yes I don't mind driving a mile or several to get to the grocery store.  I love my toes in the grass, the sound of the cicadas this summer, and the quiet at night that surrounds my house.   How strangely different life is for each individual that we encounter.  You just don't know what peoples lives encompass.  The battles they are fighting or fought, or the ones they are about to face.  So I'm taking it all in, learning, from the many different individuals and their languages quietly observing.

I'm looking forward to the excitment this summer holds for us and a different way of life to experience.

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