Thursday, June 16, 2011

Red mangled fur AND moving!

Everyone has heard of Elmo.  You know the furry, red, high pitched, little guy on Sesame Street.  The boys like Sesame Street, but they really like The Public Broadcast System, or the "PBS" station on television, and the PBS building next door. 

Last year when we visited DC, we were here for 3 weeks.  During that time, I noticed out of the living room windows, there was a crowd of people downstairs on the pavement.  I was expecting any moment that a firetruck was going to appear.  I assumed they were having a fire drill, or something was wrong, until.....I noticed "The Cat in the Hat", "Super Why", "Word Girl", "Clifford the Big Red Dog", "Curious George",  among others.   We went downstairs immediately, the boys were excited.  We went over and talked to the characters, I tried to get pictures of the boys with the different characters, but they were afraid of them.  They stood behind me looking at them.  It was a pretty neat experience to see them reaching out to children, to make it a memorable experience. 

This year we are staying at the same apartment building again, in which we love.  The PBS station in Washington, DC (WETA) is right next door to us.  Every time, the boys go outside, they want to go inside the PBS Building and eat lunch there.  I don't know if they serve food there or not.  I've never been inside that building.  The boys for what ever reason think it's one of the coolest buildings, since all of the cartoons, COME from there.  You can actually see people working in their offices during the day, evening, and see into the offices very clearly at night.   

When we first arrived in DC this year, it was dark and Wyatt was sitting on the couch backward gazing out of the window, just looking.  He yells, "Mommy, look its Elmo!"  We all looked out of the window, and sure enough almost directly across from our apartment is Elmo, in a corner office sitting at the conference table.  Wyatt asks, "Mommy, what's he doing?"  Me, "Well, Wyatt, I guess he's burning the midnight oil, over there."  Wyatt, "What?" Me, "He's working, Wyatt."  Wyatt, "Oh."  And he and Nolan continue to watch him until the light goes out. 

First time we notice Elmo

Close-up of him

I assume the lights are on timers, because I never see anyone working in that office, I don't see the cleaning crew, so it's the only idea I can come up with.  Every night, it's our favorite thing to do, check out Elmo.  What's he doing?  Well, he never moves, he doesn't wave to us; but, he sits in the same place everyday, until I sent an email to the PBS office.

I told Blake, I'm going to send an email to them next door, and ask them if they have any children's activities, building tours, etc.,   Anything to get the boys inside to check the place out, they would be thrilled.   I wrote an email to the leadership circle, titled "We can see Elmo at night in one of your offices", hoping the title would catch the attention of someone.  I told them how much our little boys have enjoyed watching a large stuffed Elmo toy in one of the corner offices every night after sunset.  They think he's the coolest thing ever, and that he's like Buzz and Woody, when people leave, he starts working or playing.   I also stated, it would be too cool, if the person didn't mind, moving Elmo around in the room from time to time. 

I have yet to receive an email from the PBS people to date.  But, I believe we've gotten a response from them.

The very next night after writing my email; again the sun has set, and the lights are on in Elmo's office.  But, this time he's not sitting at the conference table he's sitting at the computer desk in a chair.  Every couple of days now he moves around in his office, and you should hear the chatter about his 'doings' from the boys.  I've taken some pictures from day one, I never knew that this would happen, we just thought it was cool that we could see Elmo from our apartment, so we took a picture of him. 

The first time we noticed him away from his conference table

They wait patiently to see Elmo appear,  I told them he's quick, when you look away, I see him writing, or I see him scratching his nose.   Or 'oops, he dropped his pencil.'  It's way too much fun with them, we all look forward to it every night.

Caught the boys watching Elmo
(notice the red blob in the background)

(Elmo has moved 3 or 4 times now, I don't have pictures of all of his moves, but here are a couple.)

I'm so appreciative that someone cares enough about children, to take a few moments just to move a stuffed animal around in his or her office.  But, then again, if you have a giant Elmo sitting in your office, you must love what you do, if you're working with Elmo.

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