Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rabbit's Blog

Well, you know I couldn't write about one sons lovie with out writing about the others.  Keep in mind, Wyatt's lovie is just as important to him.  Although his special friend didn't surface until, I pulled it out of the closet and was thinking about giving it away, and he was about 10 months old.

I had bought this particular stuffed animal at Cracker Barrel for the boys first Easter.  They didn't 'take' to them, so I figured they didn't care for them.  Nolan, never attached himself to his, but when Wyatt noticed it, he immediately picked it up, and I believe was drawn to the chocolate scent that it carried.  And that was the end of that.  He's been around since that very moment. 

Let me introduce you to "Rabbit".   Hence his name, he is a rabbit,  he's brown, soft, has lanky long legs, arms and ears.  But, the most amazing thing about him was that he smelled like chocolate.  He really did.  The scent was so strong you could smell it all over, especially in small closed off areas.  On several different occasions when he slept with him, the next morning when you pulled the covers back, you got a big whiff of the chocolate scent.  Another time, when he left him in the car during the summer, you opened the door and again, you were greeted with the amazing chocolate aroma.  It has since lost it's comforting smell, but he still loves him the same.  

Rabbit's been around the block or two.  Wyatt  also has to sleep with Rabbit at night, or when he's napping.  Rabbit at one time had clothes, but they have since fallen apart and have fallen off of his body.   Rabbit has also come apart at the seams of his back, his tail has fallen off two times, and now he has a new hole under his right ear.  He been mended several times, and his days are numbered also.

Rabbit also has a major comfort factor, when he's upset, or sleepy he automatically finds Rabbit and holds him a special way. 

I'm going to make a list of  ways that he holds Rabbit and the meaning of each one.

The List of Interpretation:

-holding the head in his hand with his ears clamped back = playful mood
-holding the ear and stroking it on his check, lip, or palm of hand = tired
-holding the head in his hand and rubbing his nose back and forth across it's face = really tired

Wyatt sleeps with Rabbit every night, if he's missing, which has been the case on more than one occasion, there's not much we can do about his comfort when he's missing.  He does have a little white mouse, and an elephant that he sleeps with in addition to his rabbit. 

There was one particular time that we searched and searched for hours and could never find rabbit, he had to sleep with out him.  The next day I went on the back porch to clean, and get some shoes that I had noticed were left out there.  Guess who was out there too?  Yep, Rabbit.   I told Wyatt, we must have locked him out there and he couldn't get inside.  But he slept right next to his bedroom window, so he was near to him all night long, just outside. 

I too wonder about Rabbit, what will happen when he can't be repaired anymore, or how long will he carry him around.  He looks so cute with Rabbit, and he means the world to Wyatt.  I have searched for a duplicate, but I'm unable to locate another.  I've even contacted Cracker Barrel headquarters hoping for a back up, but no luck.  I even searched the internet according to the stuffed animal tag, no help there. 

So again, our time is limited, and we'll enjoy Rabbit while we can.  One day you'll see him in a shadow box in my home.  As Wyatt grows older, he'll be there for a reminder of more simple times, and his special comfort will be one touch away, even when no one's looking.

Wyatt and Rabbit, really tired

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