Saturday, June 4, 2011

My HEART belongs to George

A-MAZ-ING!  Is the only word I can come up with, or just speechless is altogether the way I feel.  Today Blake, the boys and myself went to George Washington's Mt. Vernon Estate.  We also visited his distillery and gristmill three miles away from his home.  It was an all day affair.  It was just incredible.  I would have loved to have met him.  The information about him came across as an intelligent man, not to mention he was our very first president of the United States.  I fell in love with his home here in D.C.  Saw the actual room where he took his last breath, saw his tomb, Martha's and other family members.  It was just a moving experience.  Lots of history, too much to mention here, but if you are ever here; make it a point to go visit.   We toured his home (walked through) all of the original paintings, and a lot of the furniture is still there.  So are the original colors (paint) on the wall.  Oh! and I saw the actual set of dentures that belonged to him on display right now in the museum.  They were not made of wood, they were carved out of hippopotamus teeth and ivory.  They also had on display the dental instruments that he used to clean his own teeth.  Very interesting.  I wanted to , but wasn't able to take pictures of those.  I guess when you have an occupation in dentistry you'll automatically be drawn to that particular display.  I know my friends at the office would have loved to have seen this part!  I thought about you guys!  I'm not going to post all of the pictures on here, but several of them.  But, I think I'm going to get as much information on General Washington as I can, I'm a little obsessed now.  I think my heart just may belong to George, what an inspirational man!

Here are some of my favorite pictures that I took today.

What his garden looked like back then

Part of the garden still

A really old tree on his estate
(I wonder how many times George walked past this tree?)

His mansion restored to it's original state
(still has much of the original furniture, woodwork inside)
It was cool walking up to the next floor touching the same rail that he touched as he walked upstairs to his room.
We weren't allowed to take pictures inside of the main house.

A closer view of the main house, which is under restoration

Top of the house, when it would get considerably hot, the heat would rise, George would go and open these windows to help cool the house.

Another view

One of the shutters on the back porch

View from the back porch of George's house

View from the backyard looking at the house

Boys in the backyard of the house

George and Martha Washington's Tomb

George on the right, and Martha on the left
The black square in the middle of the picture is a tomb of 25 relatives.

Tomb of 3 more relatives

A magnificent old tree that grows next to the tombs

Entry way to Washington's slaves burial ground
He had 319 that helped him, they were all educated, could read and write, and were skilled workers, only 11 out of the 319 were not.  His last will and testament he wished for them to all go free.

Monument for the slaves

Of all the slaves the plots were never marked

Area where the slaves are buried, but not marked

Beautiful area where the slaves lived and worked

Same area

PHOTOS of the GRISTMILL and DISTILLERY beginning now:

At the Gristmill, where they made flour, cornmeal, and grits
They still do today, we bought some cornmeal

Gristmill powered by the water wheel

One of the wheels that grinds the corn, weighs as much as a small car

The Gristmill

The distillery where they made rye whiskey

All in a days fun, we're tired, but glad we spent all day learning about one of our forefathers.  And the very first one at that, what an awesome experience.  Ive always said on different occasions, I'd love to go back in time for a brief moment to meet certain people.  He'd be one of them. 


  1. Nice...Thanks for posting...we toured a Patron Whiskey mill in Mexico...those grinding stones are huge! Looks like lots of fun! We will have to go one day!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Now I feel like I've been there too.