Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exploring in DC II

This weekend we were pretty busy as usual.  I like to pack our weekends full of activities, no regrets while we are visiting.  During the week, its pretty low key around here, Blake goes to work, the boys and I stay busy around the house.  We go to the pool, work on preschool books, play games, etc., to fill the time. 

Notice the light saber hanging on his pajama shorts

Saturday, we were invited to a BBQ in Bentonville, VA by a co-worker of Blake's.  It's about 1 1/2 hrs from here.  Blake said this particular guy commutes here to Northern Virginia.  He and his wife commute for 1 hour together, she drops him off at the station, he then takes a train for 1 more hour to get to work.  I just couldn't imagine spending 4 hours a day driving to and from work.  But he has a home in the middle of nowhere, lots of land, small seclusive driveway, and beautiful home.  Very dreamy place.  The windows were open, with the wind blowing through the house.  The breeze was so nice.  His co-worker was very friendly, and his wife is an amazing cook.  For dessert we had homemade cake, with fresh berries, and whipped cream made from scratch!  Wow.   When we were leaving, she told us to be careful the deer come out around this time of night (8:30pm), and sure enough we saw two deer, about 2 car lengths away each time.  The boys were really excited.

Prior to going to the BBQ, we decided to map out that particular area, and see some sights before going to their house.  So we decided to drive through part of the trail of the Shenandoah National Park.  Absolutely beautiful.  The boys enjoyed it too.

We then went to the Luray Cavern, the most beautiful cave in the area.  It was worth our money.  However, the tour could have been cut in half, especially when you have smaller kids.  I am very proud of the boys, they behaved so well.  They were funny, they thought at any given moment a bear was going to appear from the cave.  I guess they automatically think all caves have bears.  There were also lights inside the cave, a woman was moving in front of one of the lights that was shining inside the cave.  Nolan said to Blake, "Daddy, I fink I see a monster."  It was funny, but Nolan was dead serious.  

Look at the bottom half of this picture, it's water.  The water in the cave is so still, that it produces a mirror image of the ceiling of the cave.

Wishing pool
Today, we went to the National Building Museum, it was free, the only thing we had to pay for was the Lego Exhibition, and it was $5, per person.  You get to see 14 different buildings that were built from Lego's.  Pretty impressive.  You also get to build what ever you want for an hour, with a ton of Lego's, a whole room full to be exact.

We then went to eat at a restaurant in Chinatown, checked out the local shops.  Each shop had it's name in English, then in Chinese, really neat. 

Yummy....chocolate milk shake, wish I had another right now

Nolan loves cherries

We then headed to Ford's Theatre, where Lincoln was shot.  Directly straight across the street, is the William Peterson house, where Lincoln was taken when he was shot, and died here.  The Peterson house is under construction, and we didn't go into Ford's Theatre.  We'll have to go back when the boys are older and appreciate history, we'll take a tour of the inside.

Door handles of Ford's Theatre

Some other photos that I took along the way this weekend. (Below)

An old church built in 1762, St. Patrick's

The Ambulance, one of the boy's favorite things

Around the corner from our apartment, on our way to the Metro

We enjoyed another day full of history, despite the heat.  

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