Friday, June 10, 2011

Medicine for the Soul

A little bit of laughter goes a long way.  I know laughter doesn't always cure the heart and mind physically, but it sure does help my well being sometimes.  My boys laughter is the best music to my ears.   It's one of my most favorite things to hear.  To me it means they are happy, healthy, and getting along with each other.  I can recall several different occasions, remembering their contagious laugh. 

There was one time that Blake and I took the boys to one of their first movies at the movie theatre, we went to see "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur", I certainly wish that I could have recorded the laughter that took place in that movie theatre that night.  We not only were laughing, not at the movie, but at the boys.  Other people were turning around and laughing with the boys also.  Again, some things just cannot be explained in a story, sometimes you have to be there in person, or hear it for yourself.  This was one of those times.  I had never heard our children, laugh so loud starting out with a scream and ending with such a belly laugh.  It will forever be etched in my memory. 

Especially Nolan, the combination of his laugh and his wrinkled up nose is priceless.  He was laughing this morning at " Open Season".  I managed to capture some of his expressions while he was watching it.  It put the biggest smile on my face.  When he starts cackling like he does, Blake and I immediately smile and look at each other. 

Wyatt on the other hand this morning, needed some laughter.  Blake had accidentlly broken a glass, cleaned up the mess, and put it in the trash.  Blake and Wyatt brought the trash to the trash area here, Wyatt unexpectedly pushed in the right area and stratched his hand on some of the glass pieces.  He came running inside crying with Blake holding his fingers, "I'm bleeding, am I going to be okay?"  The next series of questions are "Do I have to go to the hospital, do we have to call the ambulance?"  I asked first,  what happened, is something broken?  After Blake told me what happened, I answered his questions.  "Yes, you are bleeding, but you are going to be okay."  "No you don't have to go to the hospital and no we don't have to call the ambulance."  Then I started laughing, at the series of questions that he had asked.  He seemed a little more comforted.  It always seems to happen and make him feel better, he out of the two boys, seems to be more accident prone.   He's fallen down, scratched, cut, bruised himself on his hands, and every inch of skin from the knees down.  Just this past May when we were home visiting in Texas, it looked like a dinosaur attacked his ankles, they were so mangled. 

Prior to the incident

After the incident

Examing the band aids

A band aid goes a long way, to sooth

You can make Wyatt laugh or smile pretty much at any given moment.  He's pretty easy to entertain.  He has the sweetest laugh, he's normally the one who's easily amused.  Although at times he can be a clown, just as much as Nolan.  Nolan, likes to try to make him laugh, either by dancing or singing, or just plain acting goofy.

Speaking of laughter, this morning the boys had a playdate with 4 other little boys, a total of 6 boys in one apartment, four of them were 5 years old, one was 7 and the other was 18 months.   What fun we all had, a room full of imaginative, loud, and active little boys.  The best part about it......every one of them, was having a great time, smiling, and laughing.  That's what living life is all about, enjoying the simple moments, and having fun!  Looking at life through the eyes of a child,  they embrace life with open arms, they attempt to teach us patience, and love unconditionally.

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  1. Your blog is awesome! Hope you make it into a book. What a wonderful keepsake! I love all of your photos. They definitely make me smile! ;-)