Tuesday, June 7, 2011

High Strung in Red Shorts

(This story is dedicated to my sweet friend Kim C.)

Yesterday, we were completely lazy.  I decided we were going to the pool, partly because the boys had been hounding me to go.  First, I had to blow up 4 floaties, and 2 swim rings.  Let me tell you, my lungs are inside of those rings that I inflated.  They are the hardest things to blow up or let the air out of.  They are made by 'Swimways', and they have lasted, for 3 years now, so I guess I can't complain if they are that reliable.  The temperature, was in the upper eighties but it felt a lot hotter than that.  I packed some snacks, sandwiches, drinks, pool toys, sunscreen, towels, you know all of the necessities.  It seems as though there aren't enough people to carry all of the things we needed or wanted to take upstairs to the pool.  We finally made it there, and signed in.  Right after I signed the book, the lifeguard in his attractive accent says, "Pool break in 5 minutes."  I said, "What does that mean?"  He said "Nobody can be in the pool for 15 minutes."   (I can hear you laughing Kim! I love your laugh!) Okay then.   Now, I have two 5 year olds, who wanted to be in the pool, like yesterday.  Now they have to wait for 20 minutes.  I decided to get us situated, put sunscreen on, and we'll eat a snack.  I'll keep them busy that way.    I managed to accomplish all of those tasks mentioned beforehand.  Wyatt then points out to me, in a not so soft voice, "Mommy, there's a big man (an adult) in the pool.  Why's he in there and I'm not?"  I said, "Wyatt, he may not have heard the lifeguard, that's it's swim break."  Even though the guy was sitting right there when the lifeguard said what he said, he really may not have heard him I don't know.  He was sitting next to his girlfriend talking and listening to music.  The lifeguard had long left and had since returned, to find the man that Wyatt pointed out in white swim shorts, standing in the pool.  Okay, enter the funniest scenario ever.  The lifeguard in his accent says to the man,  "What are you doing?"  The man, "Swimming?"  (He was really standing) Lifeguard, "You can't, it's swim break."  The man, gets out of the pool, starts drying off, he sits down.  ONE MINUTE LATER, lifeguard yells, "Swim break over!"  I immediately turn my head to the guy, look and started an uncontrolled nervous laughter.  The man turns around looks at me, then looks at his girlfriend, and throws his hands into the air.  Some stories just can't be told, you have to be there.

Waiting to get into the pool

Okay, we're about to get into the pool, I got in first, the water was SO COLD, it actually took my breath away.  Once you got used to it, it wasn't so bad, as long as you didn't have to get back out again.  I couldn't even talk to the boys, I was speaking in broken English, and gasping at the same time. I wanted to squeal, but kept my composure.   You know that initial shock.  If it hadn't been so warm and sunny outside I would have axed the whole idea.  Cold water and hot weather should cancel out each other, right?  Wyatt gets into the pool without any complaints.  Nolan on the other hand, gets into the pool and starts screaming like a little girl and trying to climb back out at the same time.   Everyone at the pool started laughing.  I defended Nolan, I turned around and said, "Look, that's exactly what I wanted to do, when I got in!  He took the words right out of my mouth."

After getting in, we were playing around, the boys laughed, splashed, and had a great time.  However, they are not good swimmers, and I know this.  They've only have one swimming lesson and that was last year.  (We wanted to go to lessons again this year, but we are here in DC for the summer.  I am going to look into lessons here, to see what they have to offer.)  They are wearing their floaties and switching between the body boards and swim rings.   Of course I was on edge, but knew they were safe, because I was right there next to them the entire time.   The lifeguard's body language said he was pretty tense.  He was sitting on the edge of his seat, watching, practically staring the whole time the boys were flailing around in he pool.   Oh, course it didn't help matters when Nolan started yelling, "Help me, Mommy! Help me!"  All he wanted to do was stand on my knees to lift himself out of the water every now and then.  

After the Bulgarian lifeguard, again, announced (you know what I'm about to say....) "Swim break." Everyone got out of the pool, the boys and myself sat in the big round chair and started to dry out.  As we were sitting there, the lifeguard dove into the pool, when he came back up, white shorts guy said, "What are you doing?"  Lifeguard says, "Swimming?"  White shorts says, "You can't, it's swim break."  Okay, that didn't really happen, but I sure wish that it had.  That would have been the most classic tale ever!  The lifeguard  did dive into the pool to cool off, got out immediately and sat down in a chair to dry off. 
One of the times we were eating a snack

We packed up our things and headed back downstairs to the apartment, I was smiling the whole way down.  I couldn't wait to share this story with Blake I knew he would appreciate every minute of it.  He gets my humor, even when I try to embellish a story to make it funnier.  Although, I always tell him I'm just kidding when I do.  However, everything in this story is absolutely true, expect for the last little part in which I said wasn't.  This story still makes me laugh.  I do appreciate the lifeguards attention to detail.  We'll be seeing him again, but he may not want to see us.  (Hee-hee)

Wyatt exhausted after 2 hours at the pool, earlier today

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