Sunday, June 5, 2011


We are trying to make use of our time together as a family this summer especially the weekends.  We try to plan trips that will fill our entire day on Saturday and Sunday.  I don't like to be out late at night on the subway, I don't mind being out late if we are driving around.  But we like taking the Metro, because it's cheaper and easier.   Cheaper than gas and we don't have to worry about finding parking/paying, not to mention its great exercise. 

Today, we planned a trip to Georgetown.  We rode the Metro, got off at Foggy Bottom and walked for 15 minutes before we arrived at Georgetown.  A cute little neighborhood, that has the C&O Canal, and the Old Stone House (the oldest house in Washington). 

We saw the Old Stone House right off, didn't tour it, just wanted a picture of it.  Neat to see the oldest house in Washington dated - 1764.  Its free to visit, but we didn't do much there.

Old Stone House

"M Street"

We strolled down 'M' Street with all of the quaint shops and big name shops such as 'Kate Spade', 'Hu Shoes'- where shoes are starting around $500.00 and go up.  Seriously I couldn't believe my eyes, they also had handbags around $1,700.00.  (I looked up some of the shops online before we went, to see if it was worth my time going in with the boys, after seeing the prices, I didn't even stop.)   I kept thinking about my Bealls shoes that I had on. They probably cost around $20 or $30.00.  I kept thinking of all of the things that I could be doing with all of that extra money.  I'm a pretty frugal person.  I don't think I could ever spend money like that even if I had a ton of it. The buildings were cool and the architecture was amazing.  It was just so crowded, but it normally is in that area according to Blake, not to mention it was the weekend.  

We ate at Old Glory BBQ, good food, not necessarily worth the price, but it was kid friendly, cool, and different food, pretty good.  A good rest break from all of the walking we had done.  When the kids start getting wild or cranky, we know it's time to stop, and take a breather.  Normally when we are done, everything's back to normal again.

We went to the C&O Canal (Chesapeake & Ohio)  waterway that kept Georgetown open when its harbor filled with silt.  The 74 locks linked Georgetown to Cumberland, MD, 184 miles.  It's not open today for business, but they still demonstrate how it worked back then.  The ships would go through the locks one at a time pulled along the side of the locks by mules.  The dirt path still exists along side of the canal.

Part of the canal
Another part of the canal, with the dirt trail on the right
Demonstrating how the locks work to allow the boat through

The lock
Mules that pull the boat along the side of the canal

One of the boats

Next on our list was Georgetown Cupcakes and they were closed (TV show D.C. Cupcakes).

 So we went to another recommended place.  We found "Baked and Wired', I'm serious, the best cupcake I've ever had.  They are all made from scratch in small batches, no box mix of any kind, and fresh fruit added.  I had 'Strawberry' strawberry with fresh strawberries and strawberry icing, the boys had 'Birthday Cake' chocolate birthday cake with vanilla icing, and Blake has a brownie, called 'Jolt Brownie' (had chocolate and espresso).  I've always been a big fan of our local cupcake place in Huntsville - 'GiGi's Cupcakes".  They have wonderful and beautiful cakes.  Sorry, GiGi, I have a new favorite.  Sometimes you just can't mass produce something so good.  

Baked and Wired Cupcake shop
(Inside the shop)
Coolest cupcake shop, had individual cupcakes made and placed under their own special stand with a handwritten card for each one

Our cupcakes

OTHER additional photos below that I took at various places in Georgetown.

Another day, and another little part of United States history.

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