Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daddy's Neighborhood

Well here is a good glimpse of a day in the life of the Andersons, but in Washington, D.C. instead of Alabama.  This pretty much sums it up.  We are ordinary people, with extraordinary ideas of what we consider fun.  Nothing expensive, just time together.

So our morning started out by eating breakfast, strawberries - some of the biggest I've EVER seen, string cheese, tortillas, and chicken applewood sausage (enough said with that name, nothing needs to be explained).  We had breakfast tortillas.

The strawberry
We cleaned up and lounged around the house this morning. 

Acting crazy with their Nerf bullets,
what one does the other will follow suit

Look Mommy I'm "Mater"
(This cracked me up!)

Lounging, getting ready to venture out

After awhile we dressed ourselves, then ventured out around the block.  First, we went to the 20th floor (roof top) of our apartment building, checked out the view and the pool.  Asked about the pool hours, and whether we can bring a lunch. 

View 1 from the roof top of our apartment building
View 2
View 3
View 4-Potomac River/Monument on L & Capital on R
View 5 - Reagan Int'l Airport
View looking down from the roof
Another looking down, the second time around
made me a little sick
Pool on the roof
Sitting area on the roof
Pics of the boys on the roof, with the Monument

We then went to the lobby and cruised around outside.  We saw the infamous PBS sign, and the boys were thrilled about that, we then found a McDonalds which was the highlight of their day.  I promised we would go eat there tomorrow for lunch. 

Going down the elevator, each person gets to press a button
There's trouble if each one doesn't get to do his part
An elliptical bicycle

Wyatt saying he needed to rest

As we were walking around the block, Nolan wanted to go back and eat lunch, and Wyatt needed to sit on a park bench.  As Wyatt sat down, he said. "Whew, I just need a break, when are we going back?"  Mind you, we went around the block one time, and were gone maybe 10 minutes.   WHAT???  So we headed back.

I made sandwiches for lunch, cleaned up and we then worked in our Pre-School books.  I bought these books to work on their "Before we Write" skills, also helping them practice writing their names on the "Learn to Letter" giant lined tablets.  I'm very proud of them, they did very well, we'll do some work every day just to brush up on things. 

I made dinner tonight, steamed potatoes and broccoli, and baked breaded chicken.  It was simple, but good.  We promised the boys to go to Cold Stone Creamery after dinner.  We walked around the corner, and we all picked out our favorites.  Wyatt chose cotton candy with white chocolate chips, and Nolan chose watermelon with gummi bears, I chose chocolate chip cookie dough, and Blake had a Coffee Lovers blend.  We all enjoyed our dessert.

Selecting our flavors at Cold Stone
Nolan-Watermelon/Gummi Bear

Wyatt-Cotton Candy/White Chocolate Chip

We finally made our way home and Blake wanted us to sing together as a family.  We've talked about this, but have never done it.  He brought his sheet music and guitar to D.C.  What it boiled down to was Blake playing the guitar and myself singing, Wyatt watching, and Nolan putting his fingers in his ears...saying we were screaming.  I don't know who he was talking about,,,Blake's rock star playing or my beautiful singing!  (Actually Nolan has really sensitive hearing.)

Blake and Wyatt strumming around on the guitar

Wyatt taking his turn

Blake's sheet music
(Melody do you recognize this?)

I snapped some quick pictures of our building.  I feel like Louise Jefferson, off of the "Jeffersons", not sure how to act in some sort of high rise.  Just a fish out of water, how to operate everyday life here in my surroundings. It's been a learning process, but it's been new and fun. 

Looking up at our building

Our building again right in the middle in the back

The front door

Looking straight up from the front door

Inside the elevator going up to the room, reflection

 So far I've done well, keeping this blog updated, but I know it probably won't last.   So enjoy it while you can, I've certainly been entertained by it.  I don't get to write very often and post as much as I would like at home.  Goodnight, until next time! 


  1. I love these pictures! DC looks like so much fun. Great shot of all of you in the elevator. I'm glad to see that Blake is practicing, and yes I recognize that chord sheet! Can't wait to get together in July!

  2. I miss you Donnie. I am glad you posted your blog site on FB. Sounds like you and your wonderful family are having an exciting life. I will keep you in my prayers, Gina Kennedy