Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blankie's Blog

I thought I would talk about Nolan's special friend (his yarn blanket).  I saw him napping today with Blankie, and wondered how long will Blankie last?  To be honest, I think I'll be sad when he stops carrying it around with him.  He's always been drawn to it as a sense of comfort, but he now brings to others when they need some sort of comfort.  Or when he thinks you are special enough to have it for a minute.  Here recently, he's been bringing her to me, and will 'ball' her up and place her in the crook of my neck, rest her on my shoulder, or place her in between my arm and side.  He'll say, "Here, Mommy, here she is."  He'll then turn around and go play for awhile.  I don't know what it is about that moment, but it does comfort me for awhile. 

Those of you that know Nolan also know his best friend "Blankie".   Of, course Wyatt is his best friend also, but Blankie has a way of comforting him in a way that Wyatt cannot.  Let me introduce you to Blankie, just in case you don't know of him, or you've never met him.

First of all, Blankie is not a him in which Blake wants Nolan to call it.  Nolan calls Blankie a her.   I don't know why, that's just what he's always done.  Nolan has been best friends with Blankie now for 5 years.  He met her on the first day that he was born.  She was introduced to him by the Neonatal nurses at in the NICU at the hospital where he was born.   Blankie was placed on his tiny little mattress pad that was in his isolator when he was born.  Blankie is a very light yellow yarn, soft to touch, loosely made, she is not a tight knit blanket. (If you are wondering Wyatt, has one too, blue and white, but he never quite attached himself to the blanket like he did to another lovey.)  The blanket was made by a group women from a local church.  This group of women crocheted/knitted blankets for the children of the NICU that are born prematurely.   He has always slept soundly, maybe it's because partly that he's always been with Blankie every single night that he's been in this world, and he's just turned 5 at the end of May. 

I thought it would be neat to make a list of things that he did in the past with Blankie, and the things he still does with her.

The List:   Things in the past with Blankie
-ride in the car
-place her inside of any toy he played with, so she could play too
(this often made it impossible to find her at the end of the day, when we needed to locate her for bedtime, especially when he couldn't talk yet.)
-go to the potty
-go to school
-go to any public building, bring her inside with him
-she's even been swimming in his kiddie pool or the neighborhood pool on numerous occasions (yes she was wet, and yes he was actually playing with her)

The List:  Things that he does with Blankie still
-eat with her
(she has to be next to his plate when he eats)
-snuggle with her when he's been in trouble
-go to the doctor (a must!)
-sleep with her at night

You have often wondered, have we ever lost her, left her behind, the answer is NO.  The reason being, Nolan has always kept a close watch on her on his own, she' never been out of his sight long enough to be left behind.  Even though deep down inside I have always worried about this, and I have always double checked behind him.  Even when Nolan's sleeping, and you don't SEE Blankie, she's somewhere tucked under, or near him.  Trust me she's there somewhere.  He's even woken up in the middle of the night, felt around for her, and pulled her in near to him again.

I don't know how long Nolan will cling to Blankie, or Blankie will cling together.  I have extra yellow yarn that I tie little knots to hold the holes together when she gets some.  She has to be repaired from time to time.   My Mom has even made a new Blanket for him, almost like the original Blankie.  She's not the same, but he calls original Blankie, Baby Blankie, and the new one, Big Blankie.  Baby Blankie is now dwindled from a blanket the size of a hand towel, to a thin scarf.  She's hanging on by a thread literally, but she's managing, and so is he.   She's had a million holes, and shes' now an off white, or off yellow.  She's been washed a thousand times too.

What's left of her

The women that made this blanket must be special ladies, that possess not only skills to make these exquisite blankets, but must have blessed these blankets with their own comforting qualities that last as long as the blanket does.

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