Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr. Transformer meets Mr. Mean Bing

Okay, every one knows that when you are young your imagination really kicks in, probably even now for some adults. 

What a fun time as a kid, you could be anything you wanted, and have a good time doing it.  Usually you would put forth the best effort you had to make the scenario as real as possible. 

The boys have been doing a lot of role playing lately.  Today in particular they were pretending to be Transformers.  They've never seen transformer movies or videos, I'm not sure where they've gotten this from, maybe a TV commercial. 

Our morning started out as usual.  They were playing Star Wars figures, then moved to playing with their Light Sabers, saying "Die", "NO - you can't make me dead!", "Oh, yes I can slice you." "Watch out, I'll make you dead!" (What on earth and where did this come from?  Blake said it's just in little boys blood, they want guns, knives, weapons, etc.  They think it's ultra cool.)  I know Cars 2 has a lot of spies wanting to kill Lightening McQueen.  So with the recent movie that we saw, I assume that's where a lot of this is coming from.   

I soon hear from the bedroom, more of "Be dead", "Die", "Watch out", "Don't get up!", "Get under the dungeon. Transform!"  Well, I walked into a whole lot of wrestling, jumping on each other, flying into the air, flopping around with a ton of grunting.  Well, it was really funny and was cracking me up, so I ran and got my camera and snapped some pictures to share.  Here they are:

Loading as much ammunition into the waistband of their sleep clothes as possible.  Items such as: Light sabers, magnifying glass, tweezers, and a long noise maker - kind of like a rain stick.

They are gearing up to fight each other.

Introducing Mr. Transformer on the left, and Mr. Mean Bing on the right.  (The boys came up with their own transformer names)  I might add that Mr. Bing and Mr. Transformer are both pretty scary when they go into wrestling mode.

Mr. Transformer takes a turn puttin' the hurt on Mr. Mean Bing

A knee slam to Mr.Mean Bing from Mr. Transformer

Mr. Mean Bing musters up the energy to stand up

Mr. Mean Bing goes into over drive

Finally, Mr. Transformer is thrown to the ground

But not for long

They tussle with each other for a bit

Mr. Mean Bing uses his special "Ruff N Tuff" move, the spreading of two fingers

That "Ruff N Tuff" move only made Mr. Transformer mad, he turned Mr. Mean Bing over and pounced on him

Mr. Mean Bing makes his way up again from the ground and fakes an attempt to get away

What Mr. Transformer didn't know was that he was about to fall backward on top of him

Mr. Transformer let him fall onto the bed and not on himself

Mr. Mean Bing takes a rest, while he sent Mr. Transformer to the dungeon (under the bed)
Once again, the match will begin.......Mr. Transformer emerges from the deep, dark, musty depths of the dungeon!!!!

I don't think I'd want to meet either one of them in a dark alley.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taking pictures to remember

I haven't blogged in a couple of days, but I have taken several photos that I'd like to share.

I'll try to tell a story about each one, if there is a story to tell.  Here they are.

Our friendly spider that we watched off and on all day, one particular day.
The boys loved it when she would extend down her silk string, and crawl back up very quickly balling up her silk at the end.  Pretty neat I must say.

Nolan LOVES baby blankie.  Very seldom do you see him without her, unless he's out of the house, even then sometimes you do.  We lost her earlier one night this week, he had to sleep without her one night, but he did have his back-up.....Big Blankie (the one my mom crocheted for him).  I found her the next day in between the comforter and sheet of the bed, never thought to look between those layers.  When I made the bed that's when I found her.

We made homemade sno-cones one night.  Wyatt had rainbow, and Nolan had orange/blueberry.

Wyatt begged to vacuum, so I let him and this is what I got.  Too funny.

What is he going to come up with next?  (This statement applies to both of them)

One of the best expressions ever!
#1, see 2 below

#2, something was really funny

They went to Trader Joe's with Blake, Nolan walked back into the house looking this way.

Morning shot

Nolan LOVES little birds, he calls them 'Chi-Chi' birds.  We can see down on top of the McCormick and Schmick seafood restaurant, there is constantly some water on top of the building.  Nolan, sees these little birds fluttering their wings taking baths in these puddles.  Some of the highlight of his day.

Nolan wanting us to pose for another picture


Under the coffee table with his lovie, Rabbit

Enjoying one of his birthday presents, a new "Cars 2" car

Wyatt, with one of his other lovies, Elephant

Nolan and Froggie

Blake and the boys putting together their Pirate Fort

Nolan playing pirates

Blake relaxing after work

Just waking up in the morning

Another morning person

Nothing like a box to play in

Asleep at 8pm, exhausted from riding his bicycle

Wyatt said, "Silly Face!"

Who needs toys when you have boxes?

Blake after work one evening, tired, although I think he looks extremely handsome

Surprised the boys with "Cars 2" tickets, they were excited! 

I love taking pictures, I always have since I was in junior high school.   I just love remembering things or people at that very moment that I took the picture.  Every time I look at pictures, I can remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, and the emotion that went along with it.  It's one of my most treasured items, my camera and my pictures.  They are all so special to me.  I'm so glad that I had a camera when the boys were younger, I remember bits and pieces of their first 2 years of their lives, we were so tired and focused on meeting their needs we didn't do a whole lot of picture taking.  I think I may have 1 to 3 pictures of myself and the boys when they were really little.  I'm so thankful for my friend Renae W. that she took it upon herself to ask to take pictures of our family leaving the hospital with the boys.  They are the only ones that I have.  I will forever treasure those pictures.  They are truly my most favorite pictures of the boys ever.  I want to document our lives every step of the way, and reflect back on our lives when I'm older.