Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Growing Pains

I'm reminded on a daily basis that my boys are growing way too fast, but it was once again thrown into my face with facts backing up the reality.  Today I took the boys after school to buy a new pair of sandals for the summer.   We always go to Stride Rite, they measure the boys feet for me and there's no guessing as to exactly what size their feet are.  She took off their old sandals, and measured Nolan's feet first, and then Wyatt's feet.  Last year (pre-summer) they were wearing a 10.5 sized shoe and now they are wearing a 12!  I looked at her and said, "Are you sure?"  She said, "Oh, yes, that's the correct size they should be wearing."  Me, "WHAT?"  How could two little babies, that are 13 months old be wearing a size 12?  (At least in my mind they are still 13 months old and wearing soft soled shoes!)  Where did all of this time go?  It's barely been one year!

(How I remember them)

Going through that "growing pain" ....brought to my attention an article that one of my friends blogs about every now and then - "Being in the NOW".  She's right, when I become overwhelmed with past issues and future ones that are waiting for my attention - I NEED to focus on the now.  What is going on in my life right now?  Focus on that.  I choose to remember and tuck away my past - choosing not to use it as a crutch, instead use it as a learning tool.  Why agonize what the future holds - LIVE in the NOW.  Concentrate on and appreciate what life has to offer, observe the bad, decide to see not the good, but the GREAT.  Take life one baby step at a time. 

(Taken on our way home from Destin, FL 10-2010)

So I'm choosing to enjoy today with the boys, not worry about housework that awaits me.  I enjoyed letting them choose a cookie from the "Cookie Company" after our shoe visit, making their own decisions.  They both chose an M&M cookie, and even chose a Sprinkle cookie for MawMaw.  Playing outside in the water table, getting wet and soaking up the sun.  Wanting rides in the wagon, with all of their favorite outside toys tucked away inside.  What a relaxing day.

(Pics taken today outside - 04-2011)

I'm going to value every day with my boys.  One day - they won't need me to shoe shop with them; it will NOT be cool to have their mom tagging along with them.


  1. Beautiful! I'm so proud of you for choosing to properly put housework in it's place...at the end of the list!

  2. Could I have known about putting the housework at the end of my list my whole life.....looks like it! The boys are getting so handsome. Nolan has changed so much...tell them hi for me please.

  3. Just what I needed to be reminded of at the end of a long few days. Love NOW! Your the best Donnie, and you and Blake have the two best little "mini me's"!!! Love you guys!

  4. Melody, you truly are an inspiration to me! I'm loving the "In the NOW" blogs! Who knows what may get started globally with this thing!

    Cheryl, thanks! I told them, we'll see you soon enough. Love you.

    Lori, it's nice to keep things simple and into perspective. Love and live life now. Sometimes with daily stress it's hard to stay focused and to easily become overwhelmed. Thanks, we LOVE you guys too! If you haven't read my friend Melodys blog...she has several "In the Nows", I've cried on every one of them. Especially the first one. I'll email you hers.