Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Superman must LOVE chopsticks

"I want to eat with chopsticks." Wyatt said one evening last week.  I was thinking where on earth did he get that idea from?  Who knows, Ni Hao Kai Lan maybe?  Well, I started brain storming...where would be a fun place for the boys to experience chopsticks for the very first time? 

Tokyo Restaurant

So, Tokyo was the designated spot to go.  I made a reservation for 6 people at 6:30 for this past Sunday evening.  The Anderson's (our family, Pete, and Kay) showed up at "Tokyo" with Nolan and Wyatt wearing their Superman shirts.  These days they love any kind of action figure, Ironman, Superman, Spiderman, etc.  We sat around waiting for our talented chef to arrive at our table.  Meanwhile, Wyatt and Nolan had the best time eating their Miso soup with the oversize spoon, and even ate the mushroom floating around inside the soup bowl.   Nolan then ate some salad with the ginger dressing.  Finally, our chef arrived and the boys were amazed, when he started up the grill, they both yelled "FIRE!"  Almost as though the remaining people sitting around didn't notice it!  They also continued to yell "Wow, FIRE!", when other hibachi grills were being fired up across the restaurant.  The look on their face was priceless.   The chef then dumped a big mountain of rice on the grill, and Nolan yelled "Look, Mommy, cake!"  It did resemble a big white cake.  The chef then made the rice into a Mickey Mouse symbol in which the boys loved.  When he finished cooking our food, he distributed it all on our plates.  I've NEVER seen two little boys eat so much at one time.  They loved the Japanese food.  However, the request for kid's chopsticks stole the entire show.   The waitress brought them some kiddie chopsticks.  They ate every piece of chicken with their new chopsticks.  Nolan then started picking up pieces of chicken off of my plate with his chopsticks and feeding me!  Of course we had to bring our chopsticks home.  On the ride home both of the boys talked about their experience at Tokyo, they had a grand time.  We will be going back more than we had expected I am almost certain of it.   

The next evening the boys wanted to eat their dinner with their chopsticks...so we did.  Wyatt, said "Mommy, you know...Superman must love eating with chopsticks too, that's why he has big muscles."  So it's official, my Supermen now love eating with chopsticks too.   We are now the proud  owners of some "Tokyo" chopsticks. 

Eating Miso Soup

Watching the chef prepare the food

The onion volcano

Eating with chopsticks for the first time

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  1. So totally awesome! I need a pair of those kiddie chop sticks!!