Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mischief times TWO

First of all lets address the obvious....I have little boys, and little boys are mischievous!  Yesterday, I noticed that the living room was quiet - hence the "Mommy radar" automatically goes up...WHERE are they, and WHAT are they doing?  I found Nolan behind the recliner eating "dum-dums", how many...I'm not quite sure.  Wyatt was found in his room in his bed under the covers (I saw his legs moving under the comforter), pulled the covers back and he was hiding eating "smarties".  They know they are supposed to ask prior to eating candy, well... recently, they've been eating candy then asking.  This is candy that has been around since Halloween and is located in the cabinets, in which climbing has to take place in order to obtain it.  Nolan one day will have excellent repelling skills, he can scale almost anything, and is the one with the physical agility, Wyatt would be called the mastermind BEHIND the plan.  Together they can plan and execute any task laid before them!  "The A Team" is what I call them when they are in this mischief mode. 

Later Wyatt wanted to watch "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", the DVD box (DVD's are now in a DVD holder for disc's only, easily accessible) was on top of the fireplace mantle, together they planned how to get it down.  Nolan and Wyatt came up with the idea of stacking 'tackle boxes' on top of a small chair, then standing on all of these items to reach the mantle.  I very quickly snapped a photo of the act.  Very scary you might say... I'm used to it.  Amongst all of this you might ask..."Where were you?"  Doing daily chores, washing, folding clothes, doesn't take but a minute for them to conquer something, they are SLICK and QUICK.  I love these little monkeys, they make my boring life so interesting!  Here are the pics I snapped.......
Wyatt in his bed

Nolan reaching for the DVD

Closer shot of his 'stable' stool

Nolan and the dum-dums

The silver lining to the situation:  I know that they can think things through to get the task at hand accomplished, in this case with minimal to no destruction.  Well, maybe a few cavities.

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