Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fishsticks .VS. Hot Wheels

You may be thinking, where on earth is this blog title going?  Yesterday I was on the floor with the boys building a 'race track' for their Hot Wheels cars, and we were really getting into a pretend race between the three of us.  Wyatt and Nolan chose their cars and I was just given some old clunker that they didn't want.   We all three were positioned at the starting line ready to race through a tunnel of foam blocks that we used as a raceway.  We made ramps to jump, bridges to go under, and sharp turns you had to risk your life making.   On your mark, get set, GO!!  And we were off separate directions mind you, and everyone was thinking that he or she was the one winning the race.   As we were making our own way through the maze that we all created together, I glanced up and noticed the time.  It was dinner time, and I needed to get started on our meal.  I said, "Mommy has to take a break and start dinner."  The immediate response was "Mommy, no we are playing race cars."  Me, "Sorry, buddies, I have to make dinner."  Well, I got up off of the floor very slowly, stiff from sitting there so long. 



Race track

I started reminiscing about my childhood while preparing our food; I can remember that I would be in the middle of playing something I really enjoyed, I just didn't want to stop.  Food didn't matter at that particular time, I just loved having a great time with my sisters and wanted to play forever, food always took the back burner on my priority list.  Of course the "preparer of the food" would start out nicely...come girls... come eat, then the escalation would begin, until the voice became louder AND closer to where we were playing. 

Wasn't life so simple then?  All you had to worry about was playing with your very favorite toys and the fact that you finally convinced someone to play with you, it all had to STOP.   You didn't have to exhaust yourself over what food to make, prepare it, get it on the table, and convince little ones to eat it, and then clean up the dishes and kitchen.  So fishsticks, green beans, pasta noodles, and grapes were on the menu, some of the all time favorites of the boys.  They were having such a fun time.....I started to wonder...who's gonna win this struggle, the Fishsticks or the Hot Wheels?  Well, I know you are cheering for the Hot Wheels, but eventually they gave in to the fishsticks, especially if ketchup is on the menu with them.

Fishstick meal

This scenario does make you stop and wonder about the two different elements mentioned here.  Physical and emotional.  Physically food is important, but emotionally playtime with Mommy is more important to them.  That's what they are going to remember,the time I spent with them, not the meal I cooked.  Then there's the spiritual element which is a whole other blog.  However this gets the "wheels" turning and makes you go hummmm?  What's is really important in life?  To me the simple, family and the love we share.

And the winner is.....


  1. Looks like everyone is a winner! I'll bet that red car is not the one they gave you to race with. That fish stick dinner looks great! How did you get that little heart icon to the left of your address.

  2. My facebook status today was Life is fishing.... not catching. My Mother ask me what I meant by it and I knew but I couldn't explain it but I think you just did in this blog! It's the little things you enjoy not the end result! I love your blogs Donnie!

  3. Melody - you're right, they didn't give me the cool red car! I had one where one of the wheels was barely hanging on to the metal car body. And I didn't do anything special about the heart icon, I suppose it appears there by itself.

    Greta - thanks bunches, it's starting to be something that I love spending time doing. AND it is the simple/little things in life that give me the most joy; aside from that my heart is running around my house right now in the form of two little boys.

  4. Donnie, Sounds like there is never a dull moment at the Anderson house. I encourage you to take advantage of all the precious moments that you can with those supermen of yours cause before you know it they will flying away. Then you will have time to catch up on the laundry and wash the windows. I look forward to the continuing adventures of your two super heros.

  5. Hold it to your heart and never let it go...will be gone before you know it!!!!,