Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fishsticks .VS. Hot Wheels

You may be thinking, where on earth is this blog title going?  Yesterday I was on the floor with the boys building a 'race track' for their Hot Wheels cars, and we were really getting into a pretend race between the three of us.  Wyatt and Nolan chose their cars and I was just given some old clunker that they didn't want.   We all three were positioned at the starting line ready to race through a tunnel of foam blocks that we used as a raceway.  We made ramps to jump, bridges to go under, and sharp turns you had to risk your life making.   On your mark, get set, GO!!  And we were off separate directions mind you, and everyone was thinking that he or she was the one winning the race.   As we were making our own way through the maze that we all created together, I glanced up and noticed the time.  It was dinner time, and I needed to get started on our meal.  I said, "Mommy has to take a break and start dinner."  The immediate response was "Mommy, no we are playing race cars."  Me, "Sorry, buddies, I have to make dinner."  Well, I got up off of the floor very slowly, stiff from sitting there so long. 



Race track

I started reminiscing about my childhood while preparing our food; I can remember that I would be in the middle of playing something I really enjoyed, I just didn't want to stop.  Food didn't matter at that particular time, I just loved having a great time with my sisters and wanted to play forever, food always took the back burner on my priority list.  Of course the "preparer of the food" would start out nicely...come girls... come eat, then the escalation would begin, until the voice became louder AND closer to where we were playing. 

Wasn't life so simple then?  All you had to worry about was playing with your very favorite toys and the fact that you finally convinced someone to play with you, it all had to STOP.   You didn't have to exhaust yourself over what food to make, prepare it, get it on the table, and convince little ones to eat it, and then clean up the dishes and kitchen.  So fishsticks, green beans, pasta noodles, and grapes were on the menu, some of the all time favorites of the boys.  They were having such a fun time.....I started to wonder...who's gonna win this struggle, the Fishsticks or the Hot Wheels?  Well, I know you are cheering for the Hot Wheels, but eventually they gave in to the fishsticks, especially if ketchup is on the menu with them.

Fishstick meal

This scenario does make you stop and wonder about the two different elements mentioned here.  Physical and emotional.  Physically food is important, but emotionally playtime with Mommy is more important to them.  That's what they are going to remember,the time I spent with them, not the meal I cooked.  Then there's the spiritual element which is a whole other blog.  However this gets the "wheels" turning and makes you go hummmm?  What's is really important in life?  To me the simple, family and the love we share.

And the winner is.....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Superman must LOVE chopsticks

"I want to eat with chopsticks." Wyatt said one evening last week.  I was thinking where on earth did he get that idea from?  Who knows, Ni Hao Kai Lan maybe?  Well, I started brain storming...where would be a fun place for the boys to experience chopsticks for the very first time? 

Tokyo Restaurant

So, Tokyo was the designated spot to go.  I made a reservation for 6 people at 6:30 for this past Sunday evening.  The Anderson's (our family, Pete, and Kay) showed up at "Tokyo" with Nolan and Wyatt wearing their Superman shirts.  These days they love any kind of action figure, Ironman, Superman, Spiderman, etc.  We sat around waiting for our talented chef to arrive at our table.  Meanwhile, Wyatt and Nolan had the best time eating their Miso soup with the oversize spoon, and even ate the mushroom floating around inside the soup bowl.   Nolan then ate some salad with the ginger dressing.  Finally, our chef arrived and the boys were amazed, when he started up the grill, they both yelled "FIRE!"  Almost as though the remaining people sitting around didn't notice it!  They also continued to yell "Wow, FIRE!", when other hibachi grills were being fired up across the restaurant.  The look on their face was priceless.   The chef then dumped a big mountain of rice on the grill, and Nolan yelled "Look, Mommy, cake!"  It did resemble a big white cake.  The chef then made the rice into a Mickey Mouse symbol in which the boys loved.  When he finished cooking our food, he distributed it all on our plates.  I've NEVER seen two little boys eat so much at one time.  They loved the Japanese food.  However, the request for kid's chopsticks stole the entire show.   The waitress brought them some kiddie chopsticks.  They ate every piece of chicken with their new chopsticks.  Nolan then started picking up pieces of chicken off of my plate with his chopsticks and feeding me!  Of course we had to bring our chopsticks home.  On the ride home both of the boys talked about their experience at Tokyo, they had a grand time.  We will be going back more than we had expected I am almost certain of it.   

The next evening the boys wanted to eat their dinner with their we did.  Wyatt, said "Mommy, you know...Superman must love eating with chopsticks too, that's why he has big muscles."  So it's official, my Supermen now love eating with chopsticks too.   We are now the proud  owners of some "Tokyo" chopsticks. 

Eating Miso Soup

Watching the chef prepare the food

The onion volcano

Eating with chopsticks for the first time

Friday, March 25, 2011

How it "ALL" began

I just came in from outside with the boys.  We stayed outside for awhile today even though the weather is slightly cool.  I was sitting in a chair watching them play with their Star Wars figures, playing in the rock box (sandbox), climbing in and out of Blake's fishing boat, just seeing them interacting with each other in general. 

It brought back a conversation that I had just this morning with my friend Lori.  I asked her "What ever did we do with our boring lives before we had kids?"    It makes me wonder what did I do with ALL of that spare time on my hands?  We'll for one, I slept in as long as I wanted in the morning time, stayed up late in the evenings, lounged around on the couch at any given moment that I wanted to, made a quick sandwich when running out the door to shop for myself, read a good book, kept my house spotless, had my hair down and curled and combed to perfection.  It sounds like a lot of "ME TIME" now that I look back on my recollection of events prior to babies.

I can also remember wanting and praying for children in the worst way.  "If it's your will Lord, Blake and I will be parents."  I can remember talking to my friend Renae and discussing the fact that ...."I will still love God and praise his name no matter the circumstances, parent or not."   

I can also remember the verse - "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord... plans to give you hope and a future...You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."  Jeremiah 29:11,13 

This verse has appeared in my life so many special times.  I can remember each time that it surfaced.   It will always remind me of my little boys and the people involved in our journey of longing for a family; before and after our fertility treatments.

We were lead to a local doctor for IVF treatments.  I can remember the daily tasks like they were yesterday, the shots in the stomach and rear end, pills, patches, mixtures of medication to be taken at an exact time and day.  A mountain of information overload, and a badly bruised body and soul.  It was a roller coaster ride, and I was holding on tightly for the end result.  The birth of our children was the best present I could have ever received.  Not only one baby, but we were blessed with two healthy little boys!  Our arms and hearts were full of joy. 

The overload of different medications.

Injecting the medication into my bruised stomach.

6 mos pregnant (prior to doctor appt)

Blake and myself (prior to shower at church)

Work shower at my home on Holly Oak

Our first family photo.

My days are now full of.... early to rise mornings, going to bed to get enough sleep for tomorrow, sitting on the couch snuggling with the most snuggliest little boys ever, making healthy meals for them, reading them books like "The Little Engine that Could" and "The Pout Pout Fish", my house is a complete mess - (you may slip and fall on train tracks and do the splits on the hardwood floor as I once did), and my hair is mostly in a bun or pony tail and not neatly put up....but it's not about me anymore.  It's about a Mommy who can meet two little boys emotional and physical needs, and providing a safe place called home for them.  I will cherish every moment. 

The house is a mess - Pic #1, Where's Waldo? (two babies?)
(Pics of our first home, that we quickly grew out of.)

The house is a mess - Pic #2

The house is a mess - Pic #3
(The above 3 pics were taken in the first year of the boys birth.)

There's going to be a time, when I can sleep in, stay up late, read a book that I want, and I can neatly brush my hair as long as I need to. 

But, I know I will always long for sharing sweet time with two precious little boys.


One of the few photos of myself and boys at 2 mos old.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mischief times TWO

First of all lets address the obvious....I have little boys, and little boys are mischievous!  Yesterday, I noticed that the living room was quiet - hence the "Mommy radar" automatically goes up...WHERE are they, and WHAT are they doing?  I found Nolan behind the recliner eating "dum-dums", how many...I'm not quite sure.  Wyatt was found in his room in his bed under the covers (I saw his legs moving under the comforter), pulled the covers back and he was hiding eating "smarties".  They know they are supposed to ask prior to eating candy, well... recently, they've been eating candy then asking.  This is candy that has been around since Halloween and is located in the cabinets, in which climbing has to take place in order to obtain it.  Nolan one day will have excellent repelling skills, he can scale almost anything, and is the one with the physical agility, Wyatt would be called the mastermind BEHIND the plan.  Together they can plan and execute any task laid before them!  "The A Team" is what I call them when they are in this mischief mode. 

Later Wyatt wanted to watch "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", the DVD box (DVD's are now in a DVD holder for disc's only, easily accessible) was on top of the fireplace mantle, together they planned how to get it down.  Nolan and Wyatt came up with the idea of stacking 'tackle boxes' on top of a small chair, then standing on all of these items to reach the mantle.  I very quickly snapped a photo of the act.  Very scary you might say... I'm used to it.  Amongst all of this you might ask..."Where were you?"  Doing daily chores, washing, folding clothes, doesn't take but a minute for them to conquer something, they are SLICK and QUICK.  I love these little monkeys, they make my boring life so interesting!  Here are the pics I snapped.......
Wyatt in his bed

Nolan reaching for the DVD

Closer shot of his 'stable' stool

Nolan and the dum-dums

The silver lining to the situation:  I know that they can think things through to get the task at hand accomplished, in this case with minimal to no destruction.  Well, maybe a few cavities.